The Best DUI Lawyer In Virginia

It can be tricky to locate the right DUI lawyer because there are plenty of them in the market. However, the best way to spot a reliable DWI/DUI attorney is by ensuring that you find one that is reputable, dependable and affordable. To be sure of this, here are some questions to consider before you decide to hire a DUI lawyer.


• How long have they been in the field?

Some of the DUI lawyers out there lack the right experience in the practice. Before you hire the lawyer to represent you in court for DUI, ensure that they have enough experience. Ideally, hire a law firm that has been active for about ten years or more.

• What is their success rate?

The main aim of you hiring the DUI lawyer is for them to help you win the case in court. Otherwise, anyone would represent themselves in court, and never worry about winning or not. Ideally, as you are going through the background check of the lawyer on the success rate, consider a rate of at least 85%.

• Do they have experience in dealing with the DUI cases?

The existence or establishment of the criminal law firm is one thing, and the DUI cases experience is another. The DUI attorney must have experienced the specific field and dealt with several DUI cases initially. This will assure you of reliability when you hire them to represent you in court.

• Is the firm recognized by a reputable organization?

The popularity of the DUI lawyer among the people in your neighborhood is not all that you need to consider. Rather, the lawyer must be recognized by an authoritative organization that deals with criminal law cases. This way, you can be sure of hiring a firm that will take care of your case with professionalism. It also proves that the lawyer is licensed and legit in the practice.

• Will they charge you a consultation fee?

After you are sure about hiring the DUI lawyer, you will need to know if you will be required to pay any fees for consultation or not. A good lawyer should offer you a free consultation, and only charge you when they offer their DUI case representation services to you.

• Has the lawyer made any achievements over the years?

This might seem irrelevant, but it helps you to learn more about the potential and the capabilities of the lawyer. Is there any award the lawyer has won for their criminal law services? If there is any, you could ask them for proof of the awards they achieved.

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If you need to get professional help with your DUI case, then Noorishad Law, P.C. is the best law firm that you should hire. The law firm offers a free consultation to the clients, meaning that you can depend on their services and learn more about the DUI case without having to pay a single cent.