Found A Great Dentist In Hurst TX

School of Dentistry

I had just moved to Hurst TX and was looking around for a good dentist and found I wanted to get my teeth cleaned and talk about some concerns I had with straightening my teeth as well.

I started talking to a few people at my new job and asking them which dentists are the best to go to. They told me about their experiences with dentists. There was one dentist in particular neither one of them recommended because many people had bad experiences. They gave me the names of a couple others in the area to call and see if I could get an appointment with. They said the one dentist usually has a long waiting list before you can get in for an appointment there. That didn’t matter to me since I wanted to make sure I was going to see a quality dentist.

I called the numbers of both dentists they recommended to see how long the wait was for each one of them. Both of them had long wait lists, but one was way longer than the other, so I decided to go with the one that had a shorter waiting list.

The day finally came around for my appointment and I couldn’t wait to not only have my teeth cleaned, but also discuss straightening options for my teeth. I saw an ad on Facebook for teeth straightening from home and it was an option I considered, but I wanted to see how much it would cost through the dentist.

I was pleased with the dentist I chose to make an appointment with. After discussing my options, I decided to go through them to have my teeth straightened. The cost was less than the kits you can order through the mail. So far, everything is going great and my teeth are starting to straighten out.